International Journal of Shoulder Surgery: Table of Contents

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  aboutbul-8378172 Table of Contents – Current issue

intjshouldersurg_2009_3_4_75_63209_u1-8752867 The anatomy of the short head of biceps – not a tendon p. 75
James C.I. Crichton, Lennard Funk
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intjshouldersurg_2009_3_4_80_63212_u1-5048525 Dynamic ultrasound assessment in the diagnosis of intra-articular entrapment of the biceps tendon (hourglass biceps): A preliminary investigation p. 80
N Pujol, R Hargunani, S Gadikoppula, B Holloway, PM Ahrens
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intjshouldersurg_2009_3_4_85_63214_u1-5901099 The use of locking plates in proximal humeral fractures: Comparison of outcome by patient age and fracture pattern p. 85
Michael Leonard, Leibo Mokotedi, Uthman Alao, Aaron Glynn, Mark Dolan, Pat Fleming
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intjshouldersurg_2009_3_4_90_63217_u1-5123691 Assessment of shoulder function using the coronal plane angle p. 90
ND Clement, M Fuller, RC Colling, AN Stirrat
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intjshouldersurg_2009_3_4_94_63218_u1-6942232 Accuracy of ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging for detection of full thickness rotator cuff tears p. 94
Gohar Abbas Naqvi, Mutaz Jadaan, Paul Harrington
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