If you’ve done planks before, you know that this exercise works the whole body. That is why it is popular with many sports fans in the preparations for the next season on the beach. In this exercise, first lie on your stomach and support your arms parallel to your body.

The elbows should be level with the shoulders. Now put your feet up and lift your body. Make sure your hips and shoulders are level. Now you have to pull back and tighten your stomach. Avoid lagging behind and hold this position for one minute.

An exercise that is not necessarily popular, but is becoming more effective. We are talking about pushups. To perform the exercise correctly, you must first lie on your stomach. Stretch your body and place your hands on the floor a little more than shoulder width apart.

The fingers should point forward and the thumbs inward. Now you have to stretch your arms and stand on the floor. Then, bend your arms again and move towards the floor until you can almost touch the floor with the tip of your nose. The whole body should be in line as you do push-ups. Push-ups will help strengthen your back and arms.

Almost everyone who has already attended a course knows squats. Exercise is one of the true fitness exercises, and not without reason. When you stand up straight, you will bend your knees in a regular rhythm, and then you will straighten up, doing something for different parts of the body.

In addition to the buttocks and legs, the muscles of the stomach and back are trained at the same time.Finally, we would like to introduce you to another very effective exercise: burps. In this exercise, you start with a push-up, then kneel and get up with a stretch jump. Burpi should be done in one smooth motion whenever possible. The effort is worth it because you train your stomach, legs, arms and back at once.

It is ideal if you manage to train three times a week in your four walls. You should try to do each exercise for one minute. Take a 30-second break between exercises. In order not to miss the fun with something, you need to change the order of exercises. Another tip: There are numerous training videos on YouTube that you can participate in. A fitness app can also help you find fun and varied workouts at home.


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