Abuse of muscles, joints, tendons


Shoulder injury can be caused by repeated use or sudden injury. Years of repetitive arm movements during sports, daily activities or at work can lead to a break. Athletes who play sports that require repetitive movements, such as baseball and tennis, can suffer a shoulder injury. A break can also occur if you fall with your arm outstretched.

Sacs are small, fluid-filled sacs that are found in joints throughout the body, including the shoulder. They act as cushions between the bones and soft tissues that cover and help reduce friction between the muscles and the bone.

Sometimes excessive use of the shoulder leads to inflammation and swelling of the scapula between the rotator cuff and the part of the scapula known as the shoulder appendix. The result is a condition known as subbar calcaneal inflammation.

Inflammation of the calcaneal spur often occurs in combination with rotator tendinitis. Many tissues in the shoulder can become inflamed and painful. Many daily activities, such as combing your hair or dressing, can become difficult.


Tendonitis of the shoulder is an inflammatory lesion of the tendons of the rotator cuff. Because inflammation does not always occur in shoulder tendon injuries, this group of lesions is medically called tendinopathy. The most common cause of shoulder tendinitis is repeated microtrauma of the cuff tendons, rather than a single specific injury.

When the arm is hit repeatedly, the cuff tendon becomes inflamed and swollen, a condition called shoulder tendonitis.


Osteoarthritis or “osteoarthritis” is the most common type of arthritis of the shoulder. Less common types of arthritis of the shoulder are rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation) and arthritis that can occur after a shoulder injury.

In osteoarthritis, the smooth cartilage covering the ends of the bones is abraded, causing the ends of the bones to rub against each other. This leads to irregular movements in the joint and the development of osteophytes, which are bone growths formed when the bone is trying to heal. Irregular movement and bone spurs along with inflammation can lead to pain and loss of movement in the arm.

Incremental impulse

Subbar conflict is a very common cause of shoulder pain, in which the tendon inside the shoulder rubs or grabs nearby tissue and bone while lifting the arm. It affects the rotator tendon.

Shoulder thrust often improves within a few weeks or months, especially with the right kind of shoulder exercises, but sometimes it can be an ongoing problem, and some people may require surgery. The pulse can begin suddenly or gradually.

Symptoms include:

  • pain in the upper and outer part of the shoulder
  • pain that is stronger when you raise your hand, especially when you raise it above your head
  • pain at night that can affect sleep
  • arm weakness.


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