Healthy shoulders


When we start talking about a gym injury, the shoulders are usually the first part of the body that trainees say the most problematic. No wonder, because the anatomical structure of the joints of the entire shoulder girdle provides the greatest freedom of movement, so their risk of damage is much higher than that of other joints.

However, in addition to the freedom of movement itself, there is also the problem of muscle contractures. Usually, problems arise in the limitation of rotational functions, which begin with pain, as well as later problems with freedom of movement.    If you are reading the introduction and what I am writing sounds familiar to you, you have hit the jackpot. Below I will introduce you to a program that should dramatically improve shoulder mobility in five steps and help you get rid of pain.

First step – improve your training plan
Usually all joint problems start with the fact that we train in a poorly intelligent way, and the cardinal mistake is the lack of care taken in preparing the joints for exercise due to their proper warm-up and initial load. If we only focus on building muscles, there may be a situation where the balance between the distribution of muscle force (in the individual muscle groups supplying a given segment) will be disturbed.

To find out if the problem is occurring and to what extent should shoulder mobility be tested, perform a simple test:

Stand up straight and try to raise your arms so that they are in line with the ears of your head.

If your body arches back to compensate for the lack of mobility, you have limitations in movement due to tight pectoral muscles as well as back lats. Further neglecting the restriction of mobility will not only affect the condition of the shoulders, but also give a signal in the form of pain in the lower back.

If you stand up straight and your arms are sticking out in front of your head, it means that you are having trouble with the correct length of the pectoral muscles. Their mobilization and restoration to the proper length usually eliminates the problem.


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