Barks and yoga and asanas


There are a huge number of asanas in which we focus on the shoulders: strengthening them, as for example in Sirsasana or other inverted positions, opening, as for example in gomukhasana.

At the beginning of the practice, you should focus on movement control: do something slower, more confident and consciously perform movements and get into position, do not do anything by force, because this can cause damage, and in the future instability or degeneration.

Thanks to yoga, we can do a lot of good for our shoulders, but first it is worth looking for the reason why they are tense or weaker. As with the pelvic area, the shoulders often accumulate stresses associated with lifestyle (e.g. sedentary lifestyle, especially working at the computer), physical activity (especially strength sports), but also all the stresses associated with stressful situations (which will be discussed in subsequent articles). The shoulders also accumulate what happens in other parts of our body, so when working with the shoulder girdle, we can not forget about the neck, head, or pelvis.

As is usually the case in yoga, it is also worth remembering that the proper mobility of this area is related to our breath, which is crucial for our body and mind. So let’s breathe and work hard in December (but also throughout the year).


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