Arm pain – characteristics, symptoms, treatment


The pain in the shoulder is quite annoying because it prevents us from performing everyday activities. There are many causes of ailments related to the limited range of movement. Depending on the diagnosis, appropriate treatment is adjusted.

1. Arm pain – characteristics
Shoulder pain, also known as “Painful Shoulder Syndrome”, is quite a discomfort as it significantly reduces daily functioning. Depending on what disease develops in our body, shoulder pain may be different.

2. Pain in the arm – symptoms
Pain in the shoulder, included in the painful shoulder syndrome, is mild at the beginning of the disease and occurs only when the hand is moved. If left untreated, the disease worsens and prevents normal functioning – it becomes more and more burdensome.

Experts say that sudden pain in the arm can occur, but only when making a sudden movement. In the case of shoulder pain syndrome, one should refrain from such actions – the shoulder pain then becomes very intense, even acute. The patient involuntarily stops his hand in one position and waits for the pain to stop. In addition to the pain in your arm, there may also be some swelling around your arm.

3. Arm pain – treatment
Both the pain that is increasing and the pain that appears suddenly should be consulted with your doctor. To find out why your shoulder hurts, you should have tests including x-rays, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging.


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