The most common shoulder injuries


More than one person has experienced an overload of the shoulder joint in their life, during which the ligaments, tendons or muscles are stretched or even torn. This usually occurs during sports or strenuous physical work, where the arm may move beyond the permitted range of motion.

Dislocation of the shoulder joint usually occurs during traffic accidents. As a result of a strong impact, the head of the humerus moves out of the acetabulum. As a result, we feel severe pain and cannot fully move the shoulder. Additionally, there is visible swelling and deformation of the joint, usually accompanied by bruising due to internal bleeding.

Shoulder instability
It can occur as a result of a poorly treated shoulder joint dislocation. The reason may be incorrectly regenerated elements supporting the shoulder function, improper reposition or immobilization of the shoulder, as well as poor rehabilitation after an injury. The reason may also lie with the patient who, despite the doctor’s recommendations, started physical activity too early after the injury.

Degeneration of the shoulder joint
Throughout its life, the shoulder joint is exposed to many microtraumas, causing minor inflammation and bleeding. Over time, they can lead to bone damage and the degeneration of joint cartilage. Pain felt within the joint, almost imperceptible at first, may increase over time, especially during slight overstrain or incorrect position of the arm, for example during sleep. Like all degenerative changes, those in the shoulder joint will progress over time, causing pain and restricting joint mobility.


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