The most common shoulder injuries


The shoulder joint, commonly known as the shoulder joint, has a very wide range of motion. Thanks to this, it participates in almost all movements of the upper body. When it is damaged, there is severe pain and a feeling of instability in the joint, which makes it impossible to move the arm freely and perform even basic activities. When can a shoulder injure? How to prevent them and how to treat them?

Shoulder joint – how does it work?
The shoulder joint belongs to the group of spherical joints and its structure is not complicated. It consists of the head of the humerus and the acetabulum of the scapula, i.e. the articular surface located on the lateral edge of the scapula. Muscles, ligaments, joint capsule and labrum stabilize these elements and hold the head of the humerus in the scapular socket. The shoulder joint connects the upper limb with the shoulder girdle. It has a very wide range of movements, enabling side abduction and adduction, as well as rotational movements, forward and back bends with extension.

Who is at risk of shoulder injuries?
Spherical joints are characterized by a wide range of motion, which entails an increased risk of injury. At risk of such injuries are primarily athletes, e.g. volleyball players, tennis players and handball players, as well as people practicing strength sports. Shoulder injuries are also part of the daily life of people whose work requires holding their arms up or lifting heavier objects in this way. However, a shoulder injury can happen to anyone, even during lightly strenuous activities. A stronger blow or fall is enough to damage the shoulder joint.


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