Pain in the shoulder joints, a local and projected symptom – home remedies for the ailment


Pain in the shoulder and arm can also be a source of ailments in itself, e.g. in the course of damage to the nerve branches in the shoulder area, the so-called shoulder neuralgia, which causes shoulder pain which radiates to the elbow and wrist. Shoulder and neck pain may arise as a result of work disorders or diseases of internal organs, e.g. pain in the left shoulder is usually associated with a heart attack or coronary artery disease.

These types of ailments are called relapsing pain and occur regardless of the condition of the shoulder joint. Due to the complex mechanism of the shoulder joint and multifunctionality in the work of the upper limb, its structures are exposed to numerous injuries, overloads and degenerative diseases. Therefore, even a slight shoulder pain should be consulted with a doctor, the cause should be determined and treatment initiated. Home remedies for shoulder pain are only a temporary solution.

Shoulder and arm pain most often result from:

direct injuries and extensive injuries of the shoulder girdle and shoulder joint, in the course of which the adaptation capabilities of the motor apparatus were exceeded, e.g. repeated and cumulative physical overload of the arm or habitual incorrect posture during study, work, rest.

Shoulder muscle pain may result from overtraining in the gym or incorrect technique of performing a shoulder exercise, and shoulder pain when lifting a hand is often the result of the so-called soreness or tearing the tendons with excessive load. In turn, pain in the shoulders and neck or shoulder pain radiating to the hand is the result of inflammation of the synovial bursitis, tendons and tendon sheaths, e.g. damage to the rotator cuff;

soft tissue weakness and chronic instability of the shoulder joint, for example, due to the advancement of the humeral head out of the acetabulum; posture defects, e.g. in the course of scoliosis, the shoulders may be shifted to the side as a result of the tightening of the spine arch, or in the course of torticollis, cervical hyperlordosis or protruding shoulder blades, they may rotate and protrude forward. Pain in the shoulder girdle in this case is accompanied by pain in the neck and neck muscles;

degenerative changes, injuries and joint diseases, vertebral anomalies, diseases and deformations of intervertebral discs and osteophytes of the cervical and thoracic spine. Pain in the right shoulder and numbness of the right hand arise as a result of compression of nerve fibers of the spinal cord and restriction of the flow of nerve impulses along the spinal canal, which results in neurological symptoms developing in the course of peripheral nerves of the upper limb. Shoulder and neck stiffness and pain can be symptoms of chronic and progressive diseases such as RA and AS.


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