Shoulder pain at night and during the day – other causes


Pain in the shoulder joint may also result from periarticular cysts, inflammatory infection of the joint or damage to the shoulder plexus, the largest nerve node in the area of ​​the upper limb. Pain in the shoulder, shoulder and neck, and even pain in the shoulder girdle, may be a complication after diseases related to other systems, e.g. shoulder muscle pain and shoulder blade intensification during breathing may result from respiratory system diseases, and pain in the neck and shoulder muscles is one of the neck sweating symptoms.

Home remedies for shoulder pain

Home remedies for shoulder pain usually provide temporary relief, but it is worth supplementing specialized treatment with them. These types of practices most often include:

  • limiting the mobility of the joint through stabilization in an orthosis or a makeshift sling;
  • saving the arm, mastering the correct technique of exercises in the gym, adjusting the weight to the endurance capabilities of the joint;
  • cold compresses and ice massages;
  • over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatories.

Painful shoulder syndrome

It is a group of symptoms that cause pain in the shoulder joint and limit its function and mobility. The name of this disease may cover not one, but many diseases affecting the shoulder and its surroundings, and the pain reflects damage to various parts of the joint and periarticular structures. It most often arises as a result of injuries, shoulder overload, inflammation, degeneration, diseases of the nervous system and the course of systemic diseases, especially rheumatic diseases.

The reasons

A painful shoulder can cause a wide variety of causes. The disease may be the result of enthesitis, inflammation of the subacral bursitis, and supraspinatus muscle or wear and tear of soft tissues resulting from trauma, prolonged lack of exercise, and chronic diseases (RA, gout). The discomfort may occur as a result of improperly performed exercises, with sudden movements, joint overload and constant repetitive movements. Other causes of a painful shoulder may be: muscle damage within the shoulder, subacromial tightness syndrome, shoulder freezing, degenerative changes in the shoulder and clavicle-clavicular joints, and shoulder instability.


The main symptom of a painful shoulder is sharp stabbing pain of varying intensity, increasing at night, making it difficult to fall asleep and lie on the affected side, which may sometimes be accompanied by swelling. Sometimes it is small at first, it appears only when the limb is lifted above the shoulder line, but with time it becomes more severe and annoying also with other hand movements and everyday activities, e.g. brushing, dressing or cleaning.

It also happens that the pain occurs suddenly when making a sudden movement, accompanied by the tingling of the hand and restriction of mobility. Other symptoms include increased muscle tension, muscle weakness, and pain radiating from the cervical region, which may also be a symptom of heart disease.


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