PELICANS, or dangling shoulders. HOW TO GET THEM OUT?


Pelicans, or drooping arms, are a rarely discussed topic. This is partly because the arms can be covered with clothes, and partly because it is extremely difficult to cope with this problem.

You can find treatments for sagging shoulders in aesthetic medicine offices, and you can also find many exercises to strengthen your arms. The point is, to be truly effective you have to start by understanding where this problem comes from.

Where do the pelicans on the shoulders come from?
The problem with lax arms occurs most often in older women, less often in men, because they have less fat and more muscle, and their fasciae (crucial for “pelicans”, of which in a moment) are stronger and are not easily degraded. The shoulders are drooping also sometimes seen in younger people, which is linked to rapid weight fluctuations.

If the so-called pelicans on the shoulders consisted only of sagging skin, a problem that was manageable. Unfortunately, apart from saggy skin, there is also a second component: gelatinous fatty tissue. Sometimes we have only saggy skin, sometimes just “jelly”, and sometimes both.

The most important component, however, is the one that no one talks about – the fascia.


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