How is the condition of your shoulders?


Is it good or maybe … have a problem with your shoulders moving forward and your back becoming rounded, you feel pain when your arms are raised or turned, for example when you put something on a high shelf, grab something in the back seat of a car, twist a screwdriver.

you exercise a lot but still have a big problem with the overhead presses and you don’t feel comfortable holding the bar over your head at the bench press you feel like something is pulling the bar forward and preventing you from straightening your elbows
you are unable to keep the barbell or dumbbell steady over your head with your arms straight and your abdomen straight after the bench press the whole body sore, the spine hurts, the katpurs tighten you have ever had a shoulder injury

Therefore, in order not to disturb the correct technique and structural balance, the classic form of pressure above the head should be performed while standing, and the other versions should be used as auxiliary exercises. Strict adherence to proper technique develops the strength of the muscle groups targeted by the exercise, and mastering a controlled and precise upward movement and completing it without any “cheating” also develops a mental discipline that will later decide whether or not to undertake the exercise. next the difficult challenges and complete them correctly.

All of these arguments make pushing a bar over the head a great exercise that engages the whole body to work. The benefits of doing this will benefit both those struggling with shoulder issues and anyone who cares about building strength. It is an excellent tool for athletes, but also for anyone who wants to enjoy their health for as long as possible.  If at least one of the questions is yes, then this article is for you!


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