Exercises to avoid shoulder injury


It has also been noticed that sports which require the whole hand to be lifted above the head (for example, tennis, swimming or volleyball), but not generally using the head press as an exercise. to prepare the body for the load caused by this movement, are characterized by a high rate of injuries to the shoulder belt and surgical interventions

Although this index is much lower in the case of lifting weights, of which the goal is to press as much weight as possible over the head. Weightlifters learn very quickly how to hold the barbell in a hurry and therefore control this movement perfectly.  Shoulder injuries are common and overhead presses can be a great tool for shoulder girdle rehabilitation. This exercise should be especially recommended for people with rotator cuff injuries.

Because when we press the weight correctly and then block the load with straight arms, all the muscles in the shoulder girdle become stiff and tense. As the weight you tighten increases, the force generated by the working muscles automatically increases as well. Since the above-head bench press uses isometric rotator cuff tension to stabilize the vertical arms, it can be concluded that the most logical way to strengthen this part of the body is to press down on the head properly. .


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