Things your joints will love about you


If we have a usual “closed” figure for years, that is, the chest hidden in the raised arms, our labyrinth begins to believe that this positioning of the body is appropriate. When we are with our backs to the wall and straighten up so that we are touching butt, back and sounding at the same time, it can suddenly turn out to be what we thought was an upright position, upright at all – explains our expert. – Just stick your back to the wall for a minute or two a day for the maze to remember where the vertical really is. And this will make us automatically return to a figure well in a vertical position.

Smoothing and stretching
These are two concepts that your shoulders really like. Both of these activities cause the muscles supporting the shoulders to start working and resting after the fifteen minutes of stillness that you hold them down, sitting in front of the computer or drowning on the sofa.

Every hour, no matter what you do, bring your shoulder blades together on your back for 10 seconds – advises Piotr Turski. – When you are standing in the car at a red light, lean your head against the headrest, and before any intense effort (for example cycling, swimming, tennis, jogging) then stretch your chest by joining your arms behind your back or by taking a position called a warrior asana in yoga (one leg bent at the knee, the other behind, back straight, hands folded above the head and we look behind our hands).


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