How to treat shoulder joint inflammation?


The specialist should always decide what medications for shoulder arthritis, especially if the dysfunction has arisen in response to a microbial infection. You may find that you need to take an antibiotic. The therapy also uses anti-inflammatory drugs (steroid or non-steroidal). The selected agents may be administered topically (gels, ointments), orally or in the form of injections. In home treatment, while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, you can take over-the-counter painkillers on an ad hoc basis, but the consultation should not be postponed.

Shoulder brace

To relieve pain, reduce swelling and accelerate the regeneration of damaged structures, it is worth reaching for a shoulder joint orthosis. Its task is to stabilize the diseased shoulder and limit the execution of undesirable movements that increase pain. Wearing this type of stabilizer also improves body posture, thanks to which the tension in muscle fibers, ligaments and tendons is reduced.

The Acro Comfort shoulder brace is comfortable and easy to adjust. At BRANDvital, we offer our patients an orthosis made of PCM material, which has excellent thermal properties, retaining heat against the skin. The orthosis is conveniently adjustable to fit the body and does not restrict movement while exercising. Due to its anatomical shape, the shoulder brace stays securely in place. It can be worn on both the right and left shoulder.

Arthritis and shoulder pain exercises

In shoulder joint inflammation, rehabilitation – under the supervision of a qualified therapist – helps relieve pain, increase limb mobility and strengthen muscle strength. Initially, it is recommended to perform gentle stretching exercises that will reduce the unpleasant feeling of muscle stiffness and prevent contractures that may arise from prolonged immobilization.

One of the simplest exercises is to perform swing movements in an inclined position with the arm freely hanging downwards. It is also worth using special elastic tapes for stretching. Additionally, the exercises of adduction and abduction, flexion and straightening are helpful, as well as rotational movements aimed at restoring the correct mechanics of the shoulder.

Specialists also recommend doing shoulder pain exercises in water. Water physiotherapy has a relieving effect, allows you to reduce the tension of the tissues affected by the inflammatory process, which helps to restore the correct movement patterns faster. In order to accelerate the return to fitness, it is worth taking advantage of treatments in the field of physical therapy, e.g. TENS currents, cryotherapy or brine baths.

How long does shoulder joint inflammation last?

It is impossible to clearly define the duration of the symptoms. Treatment of inflammation can be arduous and lengthy (especially if the disease becomes chronic), and there is also a risk of the inflammation recurring. The therapy may last from several to several months.


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