International Journal of Shoulder Surgery: Table of Contents

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2007| April-June  | Volume 1 | Issue 2

The year ahead p. 45
de Beer Joe F, Bhatia Deepak N
ORIGINAL ARTICLES ref_top-1008583
Traumatic labral tears: An unknown cause of chronic shoulder pain p. 46
Barth J, Barthelemy R, Rubens-Duval B, Colle PE, Saragaglia D
Effect of aging on activation of shoulder muscles during dynamic activities: An electromyographic analysis p. 51
Gaur Davinder Kumar, Shenoy Shweta, Sandhu Jaspal Singh
REVIEW ARTICLES ref_top-1008583
The presence of suprascapular neuropathy in rotator cuff tears p. 58
Poberaj Boris, Kovacic Ladislav
Soft and hard-tissue augmentation with platelet-rich plasma: Tissue culture dynamics, regeneration and molecular biology perspective p. 64
du Toit Don F, Kleintjes Wayne G, Otto Morkel J, Mazyala Erick J, Page Benedict J
CASE REPORT ref_top-1008583
Osteoid osteoma of the elbow as a cause of both elbow arthropathy and ipsilateral periscapular pain p. 74
Hutley Thomas E, Sanville Philip, Warren-Smith Clive D
Ochronotic arthritis p. 77
Azhar Armughan, Khan Reshad, Smyth Hugh