The formation of a frozen shoulder


May occur as a result of damage to the shoulder structures (most often) or for other reasons also not related to the shoulder joint, e.g. due to a heart attack. Most often, the symptoms slowly disappear on their own, usually within 6–18 months.

The mainstay of treatment is proper exercise, and sometimes steroid injections and medications are necessary. Shoulder pain should not be underestimated, because starting therapy sooner will protect the joint from serious consequences. Even a little pain can be the beginning of a more serious dysfunction. Consultation with a cardiologist and physiotherapist is then recommended.

Due to the wide variety of causes of shoulder pain, it is best to visit an orthopedist. During the visit, the doctor will conduct a detailed interview and examination, and if necessary, he will order appropriate imaging tests (X-ray or ultrasound). An appropriate diagnosis will allow you to choose the best course of action: pharmacological treatment, physical therapy or exercise.

Appropriate exercises recommended by a physiotherapist are not rarely the main form of shoulder therapy. Performing them regularly both heals damaged tissues and restores proper movement in the joint and helps prevent recurrence of ailments.

Shoulder pain – causes, diagnosis, treatment. The most common diseases of the shoulder

Shoulder pain is quite common. It can be continuous or sudden. It occurs under the influence of overload and strain on the shoulder joint during everyday activities and during sports. The causes of shoulder pain should be sought in many diseases of the osteoarticular system. Find out what shoulder pain is and how to deal with it.

The shoulder in the human movement system is a bone structure, connected to each other by joints. This is the fulcrum for the muscles of the upper limbs. The shoulder, which is made up of several joints, has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body.

The shoulder consists of the following elements:

shoulder joint – it is a joint that consists of the head of the humerus and the acetabulum of the scapula;

shoulder-clavicle joint – is the joint that connects the collarbone with the shoulder process of the scapula. Importantly, these two structures are not in contact with each other and are connected by a cartilage disc. This connection is surrounded by an articular capsule, additionally reinforced with shoulder-clavicular ligaments. The clavicle-clavicular ligament is primarily responsible for the stabilization of the clavicle;

sternoclavicular joint – this is the joint that connects the sternum with the collarbone. The elements that make up this joint are the articular cavities on the surface of the sternum and the articular surface of the sternal end of the clavicle. Both these structures do not match anatomically, so they are connected by the articular disc;


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