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1arrow-9947088 Anatomic risks of shoulder arthroscopy portals: anatomic cadaveric study of 12 portals.
Meyer M, Graveleau N, Hardy P, Landreau P
Arthroscopy. 2007 May;23(5):529-36.
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2arrow-9947088 Adverse associations of infant and child sleep problems and parent health: an Australian population study.
Martin J, Hiscock H, Hardy P, Davey B, Wake M
Pediatrics. 2007 May;119(5):947-55.
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3arrow-9947088 Nine-year prophylactic maintenance electroconvulsive therapy in an 89-year-old woman with recurrent psychotic major depressive disorder.
Buhl C, Riaux A, Andraud F, Chouinard G, Hardy P, Corruble E
Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2007 Apr;15(4):357.
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4arrow-9947088 Using striatal dopamine transporter single photon emission computed tomography imaging to rule out Dementia with Lewy Bodies in elderly patients with antipsychotic-induced parkinsonism.
Schuster JP, Buhl C, Archambaud F, Hardy P, Chouinard G, Prigent A, Corruble E
Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2007 Apr;61(2):206.
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5arrow-9947088 [Arthroscopic treatment of acute elbow fractures]
Graveleau N, Bauer T, Hardy P
Chir Main. 2006 Nov;25 Suppl 1():S114-20.
6arrow-9947088 [Arthroscopic treatment of anterior glenohumeral instability]
Conso C, Hardy P
Chir Main. 2006 Nov;25 Suppl 1():S82-90.
7arrow-9947088 [Arthroscopic treatment of shoulder fractures]
Bauer T, Soubeyrand M, Hardy P
Chir Main. 2006 Nov;25 Suppl 1():S75-81.
8arrow-9947088 [SLAP lesions: treatment]
Pujol N, Hardy P
Chir Main. 2006 Nov;25 Suppl 1():S70-4.
9arrow-9947088 [Shoulder arthroscopy: setting, portals and normal exploration]
Coudane H, Hardy P
Chir Main. 2006 Nov;25 Suppl 1():S8-21.
10arrow-9947088 [Arthroscopic treatment of anterior glenohumeral instability.]
Conso C, Hardy P
Chir Main. 2006 Nov;25S1():S82-S90.
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