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1arrow-5039364 The transverse humeral ligament: a separate anatomical structure or a continuation of the osseous attachment of the rotator cuff?
Gleason PD, Beall DP, Sanders TG, Bond JL, Ly JQ, Holland LL, Pasque CB
Am J Sports Med. 2006 Jan;34(1):72-7.
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2arrow-5039364 Clinical management of middle mesial root canals in mandibular molars.
Bond JL, Hartwell GR, Donnelly JC, Portell FR
J Endod. 1988 Jun;14(6):312-4.
3arrow-5039364 Maxillary first molar with six canals.
Bond JL, Hartwell G, Portell FR
J Endod. 1988 May;14(5):258-60.
4arrow-5039364 Custom models for endodontic surgery procedures.
Bond JL, Portell FR, Hartwell G
J Endod. 1986 Feb;12(2):82-4.