What is a shoulder fracture?


A shoulder fracture is a fracture of the bone that is part of the shoulder joint. Fractures are almost always caused by trauma. Most often they are caused by an accidental fall directly on the shoulder or in the hand, with a blow from the shoulder. Contact sports such as hockey or football, ski or road injuries are the most common causes of shoulder fractures. Shoulder joint includes:

3 bones:

  • humerus
  • shoulder blade (shoulder blade)
  • clavicle

3 joints:

  • shoulder joint
  • shoulder-clavicle joint
  • maxillofacial joint

The most common fracture of the shoulder is a fracture of the clavicle, followed by a fracture of the upper limb of the humerus and a fracture of the scapula.

What is a fracture of the proximal humerus?

Fracture of the proximal humerus means a fracture of the upper part of the humerus (humerus). The head of the humerus is similar to a sphere located in the upper part of the humerus, which connects to the acorn, located at the height of the scapula, thus forming a connection between the arm and the trunk.

A common fracture of the proximal humerus is one that is located directly below the head of the humerus and causes separation of the head from the humerus. Like most fractures, this fracture is classified as with or without displacement . If the broken bone remained in its anatomical position, the fracture was classified as displaced. If the broken bone fragments are no longer properly aligned, the fracture is displaced.


Moving bone fragments usually requires surgery to reduce them to their normal position, as well as plates and screws to keep these fragments in the correct position so that the humerus can heal properly.

Patients with a fracture of the proximal humerus have the following symptoms : immediate and severe pain. increase in intensity of pain with each movement of the arm. localized swelling. bruising. sounds in the pond during mobilization. deformity of the shoulder area. bleeding if the fracture is open (bone fragments have punctured the skin).

How do you get a shoulder fracture?
Most shoulder fractures are the result of a fall injury. Adults aged 65 years and older are more prone to falls from the same level due to balance disorders and reduced visual acuity.

In addition, most older people suffer from osteoporosis with reduced bone density, which puts them at risk of fractures after minor injuries.

Less commonly, the cause of the fracture may be a benign or malignant tumor that weakens the bone and predisposes it to fractures.

How painful is a shoulder fracture?
Most shoulder fractures cause significant pain. The pain is compounded by the slightest movement of the arm, so patients prefer to keep the hand close to the body or wrap it with a scarf. Even small movements caused by coughing cause pain. Pain is also felt when you touch the broken area.

how-painful-is-a-shoulder-fractureShoulder fractures often involve nodules, which are small bony protrusions located directly near the head of the humerus, from which the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles attach . When the nodules are broken, the rotator cuff function will also be compromised. The rotator cuff consists of 4 muscles and their tendons: epigastric, subscapular, subscapular and small round. If someone has had an accident and suspects a broken shoulder, they should be taken to the hospital for examination.


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