What is shoulder separation?


Shoulder separation occurs when the collarbone (clavicle) contacts the scapula (scapula). When the ligaments that hold the joint together are partially or completely torn, the outer end of the clavicle can slip, preventing a proper meeting with the scapula. Most often, the injury is caused by a blow to the shoulder or a fall of the outstretched hand.

Signs of shoulder separation
Signs that separation may occur include pain or tenderness of the shoulder or sometimes swelling in the middle of the tip of the shoulder (above the AC joint) light that attracts the muscles, causing a more pronounced separation.

Shoulder separation procedure
Shoulder separation is usually treated conservatively by resting and wearing a belt. Shortly after the injury, you can apply an ice pack to relieve pain and swelling. After a period of rest, the therapist helps the patient to perform exercises that introduce the shoulder into his range of motion.

Most shoulder splints heal within 2-3 months without further intervention. However, if the ligaments are severely ruptured, surgery may be necessary to keep the clavicle in place. Your doctor may wait to see if the conservative treatment is working before deciding if surgery is necessary.


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