What you need to know about shoulder pain and its relief


The shoulder is a complex, very flexible joint that provides movement of the arms in all directions. The muscles and tendons in this joint are heavily loaded, and in some circumstances these structures can be occupied.

Painful shoulder regeneration

The medical rehabilitation program must be tailored to the degree of tendon injury. The general principles of recovery are as follows:

  • relative rest (not complete immobilization)
  • cryotherapy (topical application of ice) to relieve pain and inflammation
  • extracorporeal shock wave therapy (stimulates microcirculation and generates neovascularization, which induces healing of affected tissues). It should be mentioned that the therapy of choice is one that relieves painful symptoms in 70% of patients
    in cases where the pain does not go away, you can use corticosteroids, oral and injectable. Their use should be limited to very carefully selected cases because of the potential for significant local and systemic side effects.
  • after pain relief, a supervised program of physiotherapy begins (passive, passive-active and active activities, as well as further exercises that increase muscle strength and restore full motor fitness)



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