How to prevent shoulder pain


Here are some solutions that can reduce the risk of shoulder pain:

Gait and posture analysis
Walking plays an important role in body posture and Prevention of other ailments. The entire weight of the body rests on the leg, and if it does not fully perform its function, shoulder pain, as well as other diseases of the spine, muscles, head or teeth may occur.

The gait analysis method is designed to correct abnormal posture by analyzing the entire gait process. The data is then processed to help create custom orthopedic heels for each patient. Wearing these orthopedic heels will improve the process of walking and reduce the risk of diseases associated with abnormal posture.

How to prevent shoulder pain

Regular exercise
Regular exercise helps to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation in the arm. Stretching exercises are indicated to relax the muscles surrounding the joints.

One of the recommended exercises is to perform small circles with your hand, without putting too much strain on your shoulder. You can also bend your arm back and forth, keeping your hand lowered next to your body.

Finally, regular medical checks can help to detect any health problems in time, especially those that lead to a gradual deterioration of the condition of the shoulder joints.


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