Various problems with tendons


Rotational head injuries (tendonitis)

It is one of the most common causes of pain and is manifested by inflammation of the tendons. Injuries can occur as a result of severe injuries, but also if the shoulders are overloaded by lifting them above the head, playing sports or performing repetitive movements.

The rupture can be partial, if only part of the tendon has broken the bone, or it can be complete, in which case the tendon is completely separated from the bone.

Tendonitis can develop over the years as a result of holding a tense arm in a certain position for a long time, sleeping on the side, or performing activities that require lifting the arms.

Calcaneal tendonitis (tendonitis)

This is manifested by the formation of calcium deposits on the tendons of the shoulder, and the tissue around the fracture becomes inflamed. Calcium tendonitis of the shoulder is common in people after 40 years of age.

Although the exact cause of calcium deposits is unknown, one of the causes is the healing process of the displaced ligament. Calcaneal tendonitis is manifested by severe pain in the morning, common among adults and people with diabetes.

Frozen arm (self-adhesive capsule)

A self-adhesive capsule, popularly called a frozen shoulder, is caused by thickening of the tissues around the shoulder joints, which become stiff. It is common in people aged between 40 and 60 years, especially in women and people with diabetes, high cholesterol or thyroid problems.


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