Shoulder pain – diagnosis of shoulder pain


Diagnostics is based primarily on a carefully collected history. As a result, a specialist can apply diagnostic tools to a specific group of diseases and make differential diagnosis. If the complaints are related to an injury, e.g. after a fall, severe pain in the arm or a sore shoulder will most likely require imaging diagnostics in the form of an X-ray. Ailments that appear at night, in the armpit or rushing pain in the arm bones, which do not get worse during movement, require the use of computed tomography or MRI, as it may be the result of an ongoing cancer process.

In the case of suspicion of degenerative diseases, gout, cancer, the doctor may additionally order laboratory tests (ESR, CRP, uric acid). Pain in the arm muscles – the triceps muscle of the shoulder, deltoid muscle, may suggest to the specialist the performance of specific clinical tests, often used in the diagnostic process of shoulder pain.

Arm pain – pharmacological and surgical treatment
Pharmacological treatment depends on the etiology and type of disease. Pain in the arms and forearms, hand and shoulder may require local injections of glucocorticoids. Such procedures are performed in order to achieve an analgesic (analgesic) effect by administering a pharmacological substance, e.g. to a subacial bursa.

Another way may be injections of platelet-rich plasma, showing strong regenerative properties, or intraarticular administration of hyaluronic acid. In the event of severe pain in the arm or pain in both arms, pharmaceuticals with an analgesic effect can be used. However, it should be remembered that their long-term use should be strictly consulted with a doctor.

Surgical treatment is mainly arthroscopic. The indications for arm surgery are: damage to the labrum, recurrent shoulder dislocation, severe inflammation around the rotator cuff, or degradation of the joint lining caused by the degenerative process. In the case of a frozen shoulder, when the hand cannot be raised and there is a sharp pain in the shoulder joint, arthroscopic capsuloligamentotomy is used.


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