What needs to be corrected in the starting position:

  • stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • push the cage forward and pinch the shoulder blades together
  • raise your elbows
  • keep your head straight.

How the body should behave during the bench press:

  • contracting the core muscles that help withdraw the torso
  • keep your elbows elevated when initiating the pushing motion
  • push your body under the bar when it crosses the lines of your head
  • end the press with a shot, which will protect the joints of the load socket,

Tighten the bar while lying down

In bench press, it is important to remember not to use flared elbows, that is to say to make sure that they do not deviate to the sides. It is a range of motion that goes beyond the work of the pectoral muscles, placing considerable strain on the shoulder joints. The following tips do not apply to the general technique of the bench press, but rather indicate how to behave when you want to protect your shoulders.

What needs to be corrected in the starting position:

  • put all your feet on the ground
  • pull your shoulder blades back and rest your back against the bench
  • maintain the natural curve of the lower back.

How the body should behave during the bench press:

  • keep your elbows at a 45 degree angle as you lower the bar
  • touch the lower edge of the chest
  • when extruding, insert the bar stretch component until the end of the concentric
  • movement.


Usually we remember mobilization when we lack range of motion in basic activities of daily living. Does the gym make us disabled? Not. But not taking care of the full length of the muscle makes us wood, and this consequence is unnatural and we have to take care of it.

Looking at the shoulder joint and the entire shoulder girdle, we can see that this is an extremely complex biomechanism that connects to the scapula and the spinous processes of the spine. In addition, there is also the collarbone and the sternum, which are responsible for the whole movement, giving it great freedom.


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