Protection of joints, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and bone tissue


Body posture

The way we move each day and the posture we adopt are reflected in our ability to exercise and the quality of movement during training. Have someone take a series of photos so you can assess what posture you are adopting, if this is the correct position of your spine, or if you are more hunched, which is very likely these days. Protruding and turned shoulders, deep thoracic kyphosis and cervical lordosis are characteristics that describe today’s society.

The way to restore muscle proportions (in terms of strength) is to use pulling and stretching exercises. Adopt the rule that if you use PUSH type exercises on any given day, you will do one stretching exercise for each exercise after strength training. This will allow you to restore the correct shoulder position relatively quickly to its centralized form.

In addition, remember to proportionally strengthen the back of the body, that is to say the back, which will allow you to balance your muscles. Even well-mobilized shoulders with disproportions of the strength of the back to the pectoral muscles will cause disturbances in body posture. While staying in the body posture, you also need to remember the correct positioning when pressing overhead and pressure while lying down. These two exercises will be a key part of the therapy, provided they are performed correctly.

Squeeze the bar above your head

There are many theories about positioning your elbows in this exercise for the starting position. However, they still need to be positioned forward, which affects the cuff of rotating muscles in a way that allows them to move freely. In the photo on the left, we can see positions with the elbows down, where the arm is pulled down, wedging the tendons of the rotating muscles of the joint. On the right side, the weight rests on the upper part of our chest, allowing the full activation of the rotating muscles and allowing the elbows to move forward and backward freely.


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