Construction of the arms


The shoulder is part of the upper limb, which is located between the shoulder girdle and the forearm. It is an even and symmetrical part of the body. The bone in the arm is the humerus, and the muscles that move the limb are the biceps muscle of the shoulder and the triceps muscle of the arm. It is them that are engaged in action when we perform arm exercises.

Exercises for the arms, like any other exercises, are designed to develop a nice figure and get rid of the so-called. butterflies, that is, hanging fragments of the skin. These are not the only advantages of exercising. Trained arm muscles definitely help in everyday functioning, because they work when you hold a firm grip or carry various objects.

By performing certain shoulder exercises correctly, we can also engage the muscles of the back and the shoulder girdle. Thanks to this, our figure becomes straight, which in turn minimizes the risk of back pain. Shoulder exercises are also performed during rehabilitation, in the event of any upper limb injury.

A method for “butterflies”, that is, exercises for arms at home
“Butterflies” or “pelicans” are the sagging skin of the arms that is the bane of many people. It appears as a result of aging, rapid weight loss, or lack of physical activity. The skin loses its elasticity and firmness and becomes saggy.

To get rid of this effect or to prevent it in time, you should exercise the triceps, which are the muscles at the back of the arms. It is best to do the shoulder workouts at home 3 times a week with ten repetitions each. Before each exercise, you should warm up, and after finishing the exercises, stretch and relax your muscles.

Basic exercises that we can perform are, for example:

Shoulder Raise – Stand with your knees slightly bent, your back straight and your belly pulled in. Bend your arms at the elbows, and then straighten them fairly vigorously above your head.

Extend backward – posture similar to the previous one, with the difference that the body should be tilted slightly forward. This time, straighten your arms, reaching as far back as possible. This exercise involves triceps.

Raising the shoulder – continue to stand apart, arms initially along the body. Then bend your arm at the elbow and pull it towards your chest.

Bend Exercise – While standing apart, bend your body forward and straighten your arms downward. The next step is rhythmic, simultaneous lifting of the arms to the side so that they form a straight, horizontal line.

Push-ups – lie on your stomach, and then lean only on your hands and toes – the so-called high board. If this is too hard for you, you can lean on your knees. Bend your arms rhythmically, keeping your muscles tense. Remember that the arms should be slightly wider apart than the shoulder girdle during the exercise.


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