What steps to take when shoulder pain occurs?


Our management of shoulder pain is closely related to its underlying cause. If the shoulder pain is caused by a mechanical damage, then it is extremely important to seek the advice of a physician, preferably a specialist physician: an orthopedist. Moreover, if the disease is additionally accompanied by other symptoms: stiffness or fever, it is worth asking a rheumatologist for help. You can easily book an appointment with the aforementioned specialists via the LekarzeBezKolejki.pl portal.

In the case of recurrent shoulder pains, activities that make it worse should be avoided. We can also reach for various types of cool compresses that relieve suffering. In some cases, despite the pain, it is recommended to start various types of exercise. Properly selected movement will help to stabilize the shoulder joint, and also strengthen it (thus reducing the risk of possible injuries).

Shoulder pain can be caused by many different factors. For this reason, there are several ways to treat it. One of them is rehabilitation. Exercises are a method often used in the treatment of mechanical injuries of the shoulder joint. It is also possible to take advantage of temporary solutions in the form of intra-articular injections, ointments or oral anti-inflammatory drugs. In the case of pharmacological treatment, remember not to use strong agents on your own under any circumstances.

Shoulder pain – causes, diagnosis, treatment. Exercises for a sore shoulder

Shoulder pain is a common ailment, which in most cases arises as a result of repeated overstrains and injuries (mainly the rotator cuff surrounding it), which may lead to degenerative changes and inflammation. Pain in the shoulder joint may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as neck pain, hand pain or muscle weakness. What is the treatment and rehabilitation of shoulder pain?

Shoulder Pain – Shoulder Anatomy
The shoulder is an anatomical structure made up of several elements. Among the bones that make up this joint, the following are distinguished:

  • collarbone,
  • spatula,
  • humerus,
  • bridge.

The presence of a number of additional structures, such as ligaments, tendons, muscles and synovial bursae, guarantees the quality of movement and stabilization. Shoulder rotators are a very important element, located in the vicinity of the shoulder-scapular joint.

Shoulder pain – causes of a sore shoulder
Due to the structure and location, a shoulder injury can happen to anyone, especially people who practice sports that involve the upper limbs, such as tennis. Shoulder pain can be influenced by a number of other factors – damage to the rotator cuff is considered one of the most common. This condition is very often also characterized by ongoing inflammation.


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