Periorbital cyst of the shoulder joint


Periorbital cyst of the shoulder joint is not a common disease, it usually occurs in athletes, including amateurs, who work with the shoulder lifted, for example, making throws or exercising in a gym.

Shoulder pain is associated with weakening of the arm (mainly rotation and elevation), it may disappear after improvement exercises. As a rule, they recur after overstrain or greater exertion. Patients often describe it as “burning pain” in the shoulder.
The cyst is formed in the comb-acetabular notch and the adjacent spaces under the supraspinatal and subcapsular muscles and can compress the supraspcapular nerve.

This in turn causes pain as well as limb weakness. In addition, there may also be a feeling of apprehension with the movements of the shoulder joint. It causes discomfort during physical work, such as lifting weights or quick repetitive movements while exercising in the gym. The cyst may grow larger over time. The symptoms may subside, but the cyst itself will not disappear.

In the event of clinical symptoms suggesting the possibility of a peribiliary cyst, an orthopedist should be consulted. A clinical examination and additional examinations, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or ultrasound examination, are essential for the diagnosis.


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