Muscles acting on the shoulder joint


Pp: shoulder end of the clavicle (cz. anterior), shoulder-scapular appendage (cz. middle), shoulder blade comb (cz. rear).
PK: axillary tuberosity of the humerus.

1. M. deltoideus):
Function: contraction of all parts of the muscle removes the KG in the shoulder the level. Muscle tension stabilizes St.brachial. Spasm of the anterior part (clavicle) of the foregut and converts the arm. The back (comb) part of the buttock and turns the shoulder. The middle part (shoulder) leads the shoulder to the level.
Nerve: brachial plexus-axillary nerve.

2. M. supraspinatus):
Pp: down the epigastric scapula. The short, flat end tendon is directed to the side under the shoulder-scapular appendage.
PK: a larger tumor of the humerus. Part of the fibers fuses with the shoulder bag.
Function: shoulder deflection, articular bag tension, shoulder deflection.
Nervous system: brachial plexus-peroneal nerve (C4, C5, C6).

3. M. scallops (infraspinatus)):
Pp: down the scallop scapula. It goes to the side and goes into the flat tendon.
PK: the tendon attaches to the larger humerus and the surface of the posterior articular bag.
Function: muscle contraction causes the shoulder to turn, tightens the articular bag, protecting it from wedging into the joint cavity. The muscle supports the movements of the buttock, and the upper fibers – the movement of the retraction.
Nervous system: brachial plexus-peroneal nerve (C5, C6).

4. M. crazier (teres minor):
Pp: lateral edge of the scapula. Muscle fibers run down and up.
PK: a large nodule of the humerus, a pouch of the humerus.
Function: turning the shoulder, tightens the articular bag, supports the movement of the buttock.
Nerve: brachial plexus-axillary nerve (C5, C6).

5. M. teres major):
PP: the lower angle of the scapula, the muscle fibers are directed to the side and the top in the region of the lower axillary region. PK: the crest of the smaller tubercle next to the trailer m.the widest ridge.
Action: butt shoulder, brings, converts.
Nervous system: brachial plexus-thoracic-dorsal nerve.

6. M. subscapularis):
Pp: covers the entire rib surface of the scapula. Muscle fibers run to the side and slightly upward.
PK: a small nodule of the humerus and articular bag.
Function: muscle contraction causes the movement of the arm to turn and bring back. The forward arm retreats (the back bends), also tightens the articular bag.
Nervous system: brachial plexus-vagal nerves.


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